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Institutional Consulting

Seeking Buy-side or Sell-Side Investment Partners to build and program similar 100% systematic universal models based on 115 years of history that Jack built and had coded at State Street Global Advisors, Investment Solutions Group.  The predictive algorithm employs Behavioral Finance and Behavioral/Technical Analysis with a highly successful 100% systematic universal predictive algorithm with over 115 years of history.   These models strongly outperform their bench marks.

The Predictive Asset Allocation Algorithm:
  • Offers Momentum, Stand Alone, Enhanced, Overlay, Multi-Strategy, Asset Allocation, Tactical Allocation, Market Neutral, Directional, ETF, Smart ETF, Buy Write (Alternative) and Risk Management strategies.
  • Identifies the exact Price Point and Date of every signal; these signals are intermediate and long term.
  • Signalizes when the odds of panic selling has substantially increased.
  • Offers over a 90% success rate of US Equities when long term risk is signalized to the exact date with over a 115 year history.  The average long term risk of signal to the downside is over 29%.
  • Indicates the optimal time for Asset Allocation and for Sector Rotation moving into late cycle expansion phase and early cycle expansion phase.  Reveals when to shift emphasis from one asset to another.
  • Leading indicator to both the Business Cycle and the Markets; signalizes at all market highs and lows leading to Bull and Bear Cyclical and Secular Markets.
  • Guides an investor successfully during Parabolic moves.
  • Both Buy and Sell Signals outperform the Bench Marks and the US Equity algorithm strongly outperforms with sell signals during more extreme recessionary times.
  • The US Equity Buy signals are remarkable leading indicator for when the bottom is in and the recession is over.
  • The US Equity Sell signals earn significant profits in extreme recessionary times: 1970, 1973, 1981, 2001 and 2008.
  • The US Equity algorithm is exceptional momentum indicator: long from 1984-2001, 2003 -2008, and 2009 to present.
  • The US Equity Algorithm keeps you out of the Mid-Cycle malaise: stayed long through Bull Markets: did not exit long positions 2016, 2015, 2011, 2005, 2004, 1994, 1990,and 1987– all extreme corrections.
  • Overlays the algorithm with a Proprietary Behavioral Cycle; this cycle embodies how and why these patterns continuously form.

Individual Consulting

Jack will work with a few motivated traders desiring to be consistent, successful traders.