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Jack’s proprietary algorithms have been an exciting and fascinating journey, continuing to create and incorporate unique proprietary sentiment systems of Supply, Demand and Capital Flow, including the creation and successful reputation of Jack’s Beanpot Trap, Delayed Whistle Trap, and SP 500 Model Portfolio of Stocks. The proprietary Supply and Demand indicators consistently influence price and direction in all markets.

Beanpot Trap Sentiment Indicator:Delayed Whistled Trap Sentiment Indicator:SP Model Portfolio of Stocks Sentiment Indicator:
Beanpot Trap Sentiment Indicator:

The Beanpot Trap is a sentiment indicator followed by seasoned professionals for price direction over the past eighteen years. The Beanpot Trap usually occurs in an overbought or oversold market condition, and if proprietary demand or supply levels get taken out, the structure of the market has changed and weak longs or weak shorts are wrong in there directional bet and are forced to capitulate their position, and powerful short and long squeezes ensue. By utilizing the Beanpot Trap, as a sentiment indicator, many market tops, bottoms, emerging trends and Macro-Fundamental market shifts have been called throughout the past eighteen years.

Delayed Whistled Trap Sentiment Indicator:

The Delayed Whistled Trap is a Proprietary Trap Indicator but the outcome of the Trap that has been activated is delayed. Often times the influence of a Trap is seen immediately, as weak shorts or weak longs are forced to exit their positions and a flash directional move occurs and at times the directional move is more subtle.  If a demand area get taken out in an overbought region but price fails to immediately move lower, the next supply area that develops will now be most important (the Tell) as the bears add supply and the question that follows will be will this added supply weigh on the market or will the bulls push through the supply area and take back control.  The same is true for a supply area if it gets taken out in an oversold region and the Trap that was activated has been delayed.  We have witnessed this subtle developed pattern at many market tops and market bottoms.

SP Model Portfolio of Stocks Sentiment Indicator:

There are 20 Large Cap Stocks in this portfolio. This sentiment indicator is searching for days when great amounts of demand or supply enter the market place.  One ‘X’ being displayed in Jack’s 20 large cap stock portfolio signifies that 13 out of 20 stocks that day are in demand/buying or supply/selling mode,  two ‘XX’ denotes that 20 stocks in a two day period cumulative are experiencing demand/buying or supply/selling or three ‘XXX’ signifies that 25 stocks in a three day period cumulative are experiencing a demand/buying or supply/selling day, strong directional moves are highly likely to follow.

Large Cap Equities included in my SP 500 Model Portfolio: