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Jack’s trading models are 80% successful per trade. His proprietary models are unique, repeatable, and consistent and offer non-correlated risk adjustable profit potential. All of his algorithms are price based only with risk control and money management as the most important elements. The proprietary algorithms visually harvest demand and supply in the market place, allowing him to see the flow of capital coming in and out of the markets by looking at price only of any instrument. His algorithms have an undeniable edge, making his novel approach a truly unique entity in the marketplace today.

Alpha is extracted from the Equity Major Market Indexes, Equity Sectors, Equities, ETF’s, Fixed Income, FX, Commodities and Futures. The Futures Models extract/generate alpha from the nine most liquid Commodities Futures Markets (Gold, Silver, Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Soybeans, Soybean Meal, Soybean Oil, Corn and Wheat), and  FX Futures Markets (US, Canadian and Aussie Dollar) and the three most liquid Equity Index Futures Markets (mini-SP’s, -Nasdaq’s and -Dow).

Since being programmed, and embedded into CQG in 2000, the Proprietary Algorithm has not changed. His proprietary algorithm is over laid with a proprietary trading methodology to eliminate as many head fakes/false positives as possible.

Money Management is paramount and a key to the success. Employing a rigid formula, the stop placement is known before a trade is placed. Stops are placed when an initial trade is executed.  He utilizes a two unit strategy, and when the market makes a profit available to him, he takes it, and books it, by taking off ½ of his position. The stop is brought up or down, near the initial execution level in his Models.  He always attempts to let the balance of his position run.  This process of employing trailing stops allows his trades to trend in the direction of position taken and takes advantage of the fact that one never knows how far and how long a trend will be in place.


Consistent and RepeatableProprietaryThe Edge
Consistent and Repeatable

Devised a consistent and repeatable proprietary system which powerfully impacts performance by finding emerging trends and value opportunities that presents non-correlated powerful risk adjusted profit potential utilizing proprietary technology pattern recognition system of Capital Flow going back over 23 years. As a broker/dealer to the asset management/hedge fund world, unique skills and intellectual property have not only been battle tested but have been adding real world value each and every day for the past 23 years.


Proprietary algorithms visually harvest Capital Flow while identifying buyers/demand and sellers/supply and where value players are stepping up and taking a stand in the markets. Value players will always determine when the market is conducive or prohibitive to market enhancement. Utilizing pattern recognition, trading models are then employed with precise objective rules for entry and exit to exploit our exclusive market knowledge. Algorithms determining supply and demand (Capital Flow) have not been altered or changed since inception.

The Edge

The edge: after each trading day, algorithms scan all covered markets daily trading and on Friday’s, the algorithms scan all covered markets weekly trading; five proprietary indicators depict when value buyers/demand or value sellers/supply are entering the market by comparing it to the previous day’s, week’s trading activity. Capital Flow is determined!