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Beanpot Financial Services, Inc. continues to develop and launch proprietary algorithms designed to identify and exploit investment opportunities across multiple markets.  Jack Hughes has over 30 years of vast market knowledge, communicating unique, quotable, unchanging successful trading models recommendations, and observations. Jack’s strengths originate in identifying the exact dates and price points of the markets, security, and sector turns, while identifying market risk.

By using just price in the composition of his algorithms, Jack’s Supply and Demand Algorithms were created as a derivative of Market Profile, and are genuinely original entries in the market place today, allowing Beanpot Capital Flow to truly put price in a clear structure.  Jack started manually charting and compiling commodity and futures proprietary supply and demand data in 1994 and has been working on 100% Systematic Trading Systems since. Two profound events occurred in the year 2000, Jack had his algorithms programmed into CQG (a financial data and graphical analysis firm), and these algorithms are embedded and have not changed since 2000; secondly, CQG started to offer Market Profile with Equities which broadened the scope of Jack’s  analysis and algorithms.

Jack’s Intellectual Property has been adding real world value each day for over twenty years, and his proprietary algorithms have not changed since their origination.

The edge: after each trading day for daily results, and after every Friday for the weekly results, algorithms scan all covered market’s previous days and week’s trading. Proprietary indicators depict when demand or supply is entering the markets: Capital Flow is determined!  This innovative approach provides Jack with a new lens to view and ascertain market sentiment and market psychology.